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I record every project from my custom-built, sound-proof & professionally treated home studio using high quality gear and software. Fancy, right? But what does that actually mean? 


  • Custom-built recording booth providing -40DB+ external sound reduction

  • Full acoustic treatment - no reflections or muffled/boxy recordings

  • Audio-technica AT4040 XLR Microphone

  • Mogami Gold XLR cables

  • Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB interface

  • MacBook Pro including 16GB RAM, SSD and Apple M1 chip


  • Adobe Audition CC DAW

  • Manley VoxBox UAD plugin run through UAD Apollo Solo interface

  • Izotope plugins including RX

  • High Quality Waves plugins for any post-processing needs (RAW audio delivered by default)

  • Live direction available via Skype, Zoom or phone.


What type of training have you received?

I have received professional vocal training in Commercial, Narration, Video-game & Animation voice-over under Jennifer Knight (voice actress, coach), Terry Daniels (voice actor, coach) and Rachael Messer (voice actress, coach)

How can I request a quote or book you for a project?

To discuss your project, receive a quote or book me simply use the contact form on my home page or email me directly at

Can I request a custom audition for my project?

Absolutely! I understand that a demo alone won't always tell you if an actor is the right fit, and I'm happy to provide a complimentary custom audition using your provided script for every project.

What are your rates?

My rates vary from project to project based upon the current market, genre, your budget, and other factors. I'd love to discuss your project and provide a custom quote. Simply email me at

When & how will you deliver my project? 

Turnaround is generally 24 hours or less for projects under 750 words, and 48 hours or less for projects up to 2,000 words. Video-game & animation project delivery will vary depending upon the details of the project, scope of character, etc. If any timeline outside of the above is needed (due, for example, to work-load) it will be communicated up front to set expectations. 

I can deliver your project via email or DropBox (or another FTP of your choosing, provided there is no membership required of me). Recordings are delivered in .mp3 format by default, however .wav is available upon request at no additional charge (up to 32-bit float).

Can you mix music or sound effects into the voiceover?

This is available upon request for an additional fee. Cost depends upon the scope of the project and is quoted on a per project basis. 

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